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Crystals - an overview

In these galleries you'll find samples of all kinds of crystals.


To show the effect of polarization, this gallery shows 2 of the same picture every time, but with different colors. The variations are endless.  Just turning the filters makes a marked difference in color  and sometimes structure too, as you can see here.


Vitamins make nice crystals, especially the ones that are soluble in water, like Vitamin C en several of the B variety. Here are some examples. 


It's remarkable that many crystalformations resemble living nature. Shapes of  dendrites and flowers are fairly common. You'll find some of these together in this gallery.


Often these pictures resemble abstract paintings. Some of those I chose for this gallery. 


Many crystals have a preference for geometrical growth, parallel or otherwise. Since crystals that grow freely in nature obey certain geometrical rules (crystal grid) it's only logical that they often do so in this mini-format too.


These 4 galleries contain 4 different kinds of microscopic pictures.

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