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I was born in Amsterdam, and there I spent my first 20 years. My love for the microscope started in my teens. I married, had two children and a rather unconventional and busy life, but the microscope was never forgotten.

When I started again in the 90ties with a better microscope I specialised in crystallizations, which appealed to my artistic nature and my intense love for colors. Rob Engelhard, microscope specialist in Arnhem, was of vital importance over the years, adapting my microscopes to my special wishes.


I had my own company for a few years, many exhibitions in this country. In 2014 I participated in the exhibition 'Schoonheid in de Wetenschap' (Beauty in Science) in Museum Boijmans in Rotterdam.

I got 2 prizes in Nikon's Small World Contest and one honorable mention, and I am a 'featured microscopist' on the Florida University sponsored site  'Molecular Expressions'.


Facebook brought me in contact with many other microscope enthousiasts and talented photographers, and I was stimulated to invest in my own lab. 

My first and foremost inspiration is the Polish biologist and microscopist Marek Mìs, whose work can be seen here.


Next to this hobby I'm a writer. I wrote two books - Dubbelklik - Autisme bevraagd en beschreven (EPO 2004) together with my autistic friend 'Landschip', and 'Bergen stenen, korrels zand' (BRES/Edicola 2014) In 1992 a collection of poems, 'Achter steen vandaan'  was published by De Beuk, Amsterdam.

For many years I have been a contributor to the bimonthly magazine BRES  and I write for several  Dutch and English sites, periodicals and online publications. Next to these activities I publish my own monthly eZine 'Verwondering' , about everything that interests me in Past and Present, which is a lot.



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